Things for Drinks - RVS Bar Spoon
Things for Drinks - RVS Bar Spoon
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Urban Bar - Bar Spoon

A true cocktail requires more skill than pouring a spirit in a glass and topping it with coke; that's where the bar spoon from Urban Bar comes in. With its professional shiny look, you can stylishly and effortlessly mix ingredients with a simple stir. This spoon can reach the bottom of almost any tall cocktail glass, so you can go wild and create some giant tasty masterpieces

It's more than just a spoon; you can use the twisted stem to create layered cocktails and shots just like a professional. This spoon features a flat end for crushing ingredients, such as mint leaves and lime. It's an essential bar tool for any keen cocktail maker. 

Material: RVS
Lenght: 28 cm