Who We Are

'This is Not a Shop' is an online inspiration platform curated by Ganbaroo PR PR.

Ganbaroo PR PR is one of the leading fashion & lifestyle PR and Positioning agencies in the Netherlands. Originally based around fashion, couture and luxury brands, the client portfolio has evolved to include lifestyle, culture and design brands.

Ganbaroo PR PR's success is based on a distinctly personal approach to clients and their brands. "We represent our clients personally and sincerely, so we only work for brands that we respect and believe in ourselves. We put great importance in long-standing and close relationships with the people behind the brands we represent. "says director and co-owner Simone Sassmannshausen. "Getting a brand into the desired market position is one thing - holding on to your desirable image sustainably is what takes the most effort and commitment." Co-founder Mandy Meuwese adds: "The same applies to our relationships with our media partners, journalists, stylists and celebrities. Since we work together so intensively, personal connections, respect and enthusiasm are central to our work".

It was one of the first Dutch agencies to focus entirely on fashion, lifestyle and luxury brands, with an approach more like its contemporaries from London and New York than Dutch PR agencies in the market at the time. 

With our outspoken, personal and goal-oriented way of working we’ve been setting ourselves apart from others in the field. Sharing our personal taste with this curated inspiration platform was another step that felt natural to take.