PRESSROOM - Diner Room
PRESSROOM - Diner Room
PRESSROOM - Cocktail Bar
PRESSROOM - Colourfull Dish
PRESSROOM - Guilty pleasure, chef's pastry

PRESSROOM - Online Diner Reservation

PRESSROOM is INK hotel Amsterdam’s vibrant heart. It functions as the living room of our hotel guests and the place where locals gather to eat, drink, work and meet. It still has the energetic vibe of the actual pressroom from the old days.

The restaurant' chef finds inspiration all around the globe, but has a soft spot for local ingredients. The result is an often-changing hodgepodge of a menu. You’ll find local classics with a contemporary twist next to international culinary superstars. So hurry, make your reservation online and treat yourself with a delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner.

PS: try "The INK Salad" from the PRESSROOM Classics menu. It's as good as it looks  and contains eatable flowers! A one-way ticket to food heaven.