Oolaboo - Happy Hand Soap Product Image
Oolaboo - Happy Hand Soap Product Image
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Oolaboo - Hand Soap Floral Fragrance
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Oolaboo - Happy Hand Soap

Oolaboo's liquid hand soap contains advanced skin care technology in a hand soap. It contains 100% natural, biodegradable ingredients, Japanese Matcha Tea and antiseptic qualities.

Botanicals leave your hands calm, smooth and moisturized. A natural antiseptic creates a surprisingly light, velvety lather that cleans without leaving marks. High-tech botanical hydrators such as sweet almond oil, soften the skin and tackle the dryness. Enriched with a botanical scent, it has a de-stressing and therapeutic effect. Delicious flower scents like rose and tuberose leave a gorgeous floral fragrance on your hands. Instructions for use: create lather on wet hands, rinse well.