Oolaboo - Ceremonial Tranquil Matche Tea Powder Product Image
Oolaboo - Ceremonial Tranquil Matche Tea Powder Product Image
Oolaboo - Matcha Tea Latte
Oolaboo - Matcha Tea Caramel Truffles
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Oolaboo - Ceremonial Tranquil Matcha Tea

Oolaboo ceremonial tranquil tea is an extremely refined, soothing and above all healthy tea. Matcha is the queen of green teas from Japan and has been used for centuries in the traditional Japanese tea ceremony. Made from Japanese green tea leaves, this unique, creamy, nutritious and enchanting green tea tastes fresh and evokes many things in its purest form
This tea allows you to experience new aromas, emotions and exceptional moments. You can also try the new healthy flavor combinations such as: Matcha Tea Latte, Raw Matcha Caramel Truffles or Coconut Matcha Chia Pudding. 

How to make Matcha Tea:
Matcha comes in bags of powder and needs to be whisked with water or milk. Traditionally, this is done with a bamboo matcha whisk and there is quite an art to it! So Tea birds, here you go: 
  1. Take between 1/2 – 1 teaspoon of the Oolaboo Matcha Tea powder.
  2. Add 50ml of water (below boiling point, around 80 degrees) – this is important as you mustn't burn the powder or it will taste bitter. If you’re not sure, too cool is better than too hot!
  3. Whisk in a W shape, using an aerated whisk, a kitchen whisk or a fork. Make sure you whisk it well and you get rid of all the lumps. This is important too, otherwise your Matcha will taste chalky or feel lumpy.
  4. Once you have a liquid paste texture, top up your cup with 80 degree water and stir as you go.
  5. Enjoy!